ADAM Superior Men's Multi 90 Softgels

ADAM Superior Men's Multi 90 Softgels

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This ADAM gender-specific multiple line-up includes both a softgel and tablet version. The smooth shape of the softgel makes it easier to swallow and the oil-based delivery improves absorption. The usual NOW quality shows with the use of premium ingredients such as high dosage B-Complex with active coenzyme vitamin forms, Aquamin® and Bisglycinate minerals, and a phyto-based antioxidant complex that is added for stronger protection. Key ingredients to men’s health include Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Phytosterols and CoQ10. NOW's choice of high absorbing ingredeints, and functional nutrient combinations make this formula stand out. It's hard to find a multivitamin-mineral formula that compares with NOW's ADAM multiples.

Helps to maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.

Helps in tissue formation and the maintenance of proper muscle function.

With mid-potency B Complex

Contains Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Lycopene & CoQ10

Enhanced with Betatene; Vit K (1 & 2),  Full potency Vitamin D 1000 IU, Coenzyme vitamins, and Bisglycinate mineral forms

Protective plant-based antioxidant complex

Iron-free formula

Easy to swallow softgel

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