Bamboo Plus 60 Vcaps

Bamboo Plus 60 Vcaps

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Guilt-free gorgeous in a skin-hair-nail multivitamin. Pamper, indulge and satisfy skin and hair from the inside out to make them healthy, smooth & strong with the beauty basics your body craves. Silica, for skin elasticity, diminishing dryness & beautifying hair; Vitamin C, the anti-aging antioxidant; Calcium; for cell turnover; and Biotin (Vitamin B7) to strengthen hair & nails.

BENEFITS Bamboo Silica:

Silicon makes up a major part of collagen stores that promote skin elasticity & smoothness, silky, shiny hair

Necessary for bone growth & repair, vital to keep facial bone structure youthful and lessen sagging

Lack of mineral directly linked to body’s aging process which includes formation of wrinkles, loose skin, fine lines since its critical for repair and cell renewal

Anti-inflammatory = used in treatments for acne & inflamed skin (eczema, psoriasis)

Creates bonds between protein molecules (Glycosaminoglycans) responsible for skin’s ability to retain water, prevent moisture loss

Reduces melanin production that causes pigmentation/red spots

Antimicrobial and antibiotic so protects against bacterial infections/acne

Strengthens hair structure, reducing brittle, breakable hair & resulting in added shine

Strengthens skin’s protective barrier from environmental pollutants

Anti-irritant, soothing & calming benefits to dry, scaly skin, especially sensitive skin

Bamboo has 10X silica than other sources

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