Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone purchase your supplements?

We care about the health and wellness of our customers, communities, and planet, which means we want you to receive quality natural health products and supplements. It is advised that you consult your Health Care provider or Pharmacist before taking any supplements.

I have a certain medical condition, what do you recommend for it?

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any product(s) for a medical condition or disease. We suggest you contact your doctor or health care provider for recommendations. If your doctor would like you to take a specific supplement, we will be happy to answer your questions pertaining to the product.

Do you deliver?

We currently deliver within Canada only. The cost of the delivery is paid by the customer. If you reside in Guelph, we will personally deliver to your doorstep without any cost to the customer.

What are we doing to help our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We take this pandemic very seriously and have increased our sanitary practices in our store and for everyone’s protection.

Any employee experiencing cold or flu like symptoms is sent home for the Provincial recommended self-isolation period and gets a COVID-19 test.