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Menopause Support 100ml

Menopause Support 100ml

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ur Menopause Support is a tincture formula that does what its name suggests. Namely, it helps relieve the symptoms associated with that difficult time of transition in a woman’s life. • Hinged on black cohosh, a herb with phytoestrogenic qualities that works on the endocrine regulatory system, reducing hot flashes and night sweats • With dong quai, which has been called “female ginseng” • Includes chastetree, which works through the pituitary gland and acts as a hormone normalizer • Has motherwort, a herb aptly named, as it has long been used for female reproductive disorders • With memory-enhancing sage and adaptogenic rhodiola • A formula complemented by burdock, which supports the liver and helps it clear excess hormones and reduce high estrogen levels

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