Spatone 100% Natural Liquid Iron Supplement 28 Servings

Spatone 100% Natural Liquid Iron Supplement 28 Servings

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This naturally occurring iron-rich water provides a highly absorbable low-dose of iron. Spatone is gentle & easy on your body & helps ensure you meet your daily iron needs.

Reduces tiredness & fatigue caused by iron deficiency.

Gentle & easily absorbed.

Necessary for healthy red blood cell production & delivering oxygen throughout the body.

Helps release energy & supports a healthy immune system.

Ideal for everyone including adults & children over 4, pregnant and post-natal women, vegetarians, athletes & those with anemia.

Drink the iron-rich water straight from the sachet or add to juice high in vitamin C to increase iron absorption. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Gentle on your body with fewer of the side effects often associated with traditional high-dose iron tablets, like stomach irritation or constipation.

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